Uncertainty and the Cloud

Much has been written about uncertainty in the global economy. While economists recalculate and reassess purchasing and employment data, it doesn’t require a person with an advanced degree to recognize that business managers and the decisions they make are impacted by the many factors and emotions that affect the masses.  On a global level there is unrest and open rebellion in many parts of the world.  Countries including our own, seem to be unable to balance spending and revenue. There are currency issues, banking instability and a re-thinking of the role and responsibility of government.  Nationally, medium- term factors surrounding construction and housing combined with long-term contributors such as the decline in manufacturing and the inherent “destructive effect” of technology have generated significant and persistent high unemployment.  

The uncertainty is real; the challenges acute and the response predictable. Secure your assets, lower risk and adopt strategies and technologies that are faster to implement, minimize commitment, reduce expense and allow management the flexibility to pivot and change direction as market certainty is regained. 

Cloud computing is not only a game-changing technology; it is a concept and strategy with perfect timing.  The many advantages of a cloud-based computing environment generally include: 

  • Speed and rapid deployment
  • Reduction of IT spending and large infrastructure needs
  • Leveraging of collective development and applications
  • A relatively short-term commitment is required
  • The ability to match, by user, the expense or cost of each generally on a per user, per month basis.

The ability to quickly scale a sales force up or down in times of uncertainty and changing regulation is a powerful contributor to rapid adaptation of a cloud-based strategies and the proliferation of cloud-based services and applications. Managing and budgeting for a new sales force or the expansion of an existing team can be rapidly planned, implemented and calculated. Therefore the proliferation of powerful technologies fueled by budget constraints and long-term planning challenges has accelerated the technical shift and business transformation toward virtual and on demand technologies. 

Historical high value factors such as data security, exact fit solution, integration with other products and competitive advantage have been re-prioritized in the current environment; however, it is believed that a balance will recur.  As external factors become more predictable, it’s logical that the best of both worlds will be the lasting elements of new technology road maps.

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